AO3: Kitchen confidential and Traffic controller by Taha Hayee



  1. Q) Compare how the writers of Text one and Text Two convey their ideas and experiences. Support your answer with examples from both texts. (15 marks)


Text one is taken from an autobiography titled, ‘Kitchen Confidential’ written by Anthony Bourdain. While text two is a newspaper article taken from, ‘The Guardian’ newspaper titled, “Sky High: The Air Traffic Controller” written by Leo Benedictus. Both passages are non-fiction pieces due to the statistics and real-life facts included. In text one, the tone changes throughout the passage. Some tones included were praise, admiration, enthusiastic annoying and humor. However, in text two the tone stayed constant as very light and casual. The mood created in text one is light, humorous and sympathetic while text two only created light and calm mood. Both aimed to have audiences that are interested in the career fields discussed. For example, in text one future chefs were targeted while in text two future ATC’s were aimed for. Also, both authors wanted people to be informed about the job they were talking about. The theme was shared by both passages being work. Both passages show similar themes and qualities; however, they also included individual elements that made the theme unique.

One similarity between the two passages is the element of determination and the willingness to work. For example, in text one it says, “My willingness to work for peanuts”. Also in text two it says, “seems a master of it now … sounds right up my street”. In text one the author talks about how they love to work and would work for even little money. Similarly, in text two the author talks about how Becky Evans is a master of her hob and has come a long way working hard. Another similarity was that there was a sense of challenge in both texts. For example in text one it says, “sat a little over 200 people”. Also in text two it says, “dramatic types of pressure… engine failure”. Both texts talk about how each job has some sort of challenge. The Chef’s job can be overwhelming when many people are ordering at once and the ATC job can be challenging and dramatic when dealing with a serious emergency such as decompression or engine failure.

An additional similarity between the two texts is, that both used literary devices to convey their ideas and experience. For example in text one, “on the strength of my diploma”. Also in text two, “25 aircraft an hour jostling for her attention”. Both texts put these personifications into use. In text one it is used to show the intelligence of the author, however in text two it is used to show how busy an ATC’s job can get. Another similarity is that there is an element of humor included in both texts. In text one it states, “comical scene as the overweight, Italian chef would hurt himself down the narrow line”. Also in text two it states, “little smile at the memory of this comically tiny flight”. This shows that both texts use some sort of humor even though most of the text is not related to the rest of the text. It is like a little surprise among the line of the text.

One dissimilarity is that text one had a much more chaotic tone than text two. For example in text one it says, “have to be dragged off to recuperate”. Then in text two, “casually…calmly”. This shows how text one had much more chaos and drama while text two was significantly more calm and casual. Another difference is that there was more struggle and endeavor in text one than text two. For example in text one it says, “sat about another 150 … all of it serviced simultaneously by a single, central kitchen. Also in text two it says, “I don’t find it stressful”. This shows that text one has much more struggle and endeavor as a chef must cook for a lot of people at once. However the ATC job is not as stressful as everyone thinks and is actually quite peaceful according to the text.

An additional difference is that text one included much more emotive language and descriptive words than text two. For example in text one it says, “unbearable dry, radiant heat … soaked through with sweat”. These are the words included in text one to aid in conveying the ideas and experiences, however text two did not include this technique. One last difference is that in text one the mood changes from admiration to excitement to sympathy. On the other hand in text two it stays quite constant at light and casual. For example in text one it says, “willing to do anything… major league cooks”. This show the mood shifts in text one. But in text two the author used words like, “controlled” and “perfectly calm” to maintain a light and calm mood throughout the text.

In conclusion both texts use various techniques and elements such as admiration, calmness, and enthusiasm to help convey the ideas and experiences of the job it is talking about. However at the same time both texts contain certain unique elements and qualities that help them stand out.



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