AO2: Interview James Mcavoy by Ayesha Farrukh 9-E



The extract is called ‘Interview’ and it shows us an interview with Georgie Henley and James McAvoy. They played Lucy and Mr. Tumnus respectively in the movie edition of the novel ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. The extract shows a series of questions being asked by the actors with the purpose of giving the audience, who could range from children to young adults an inside view of the movie, the characters, their feelings and experiences.

The interviewer starts off with questions related to the movie, where the actors reveal that they have developed an actual friendship outside of the film. They also explain the somewhat unusual friendship between Lucy and Mr. Tumnus. James expresses that he feels that they were “nearly the same person” and that is what is so special about them, that even though there is a huge age difference between the characters, they become instant friends. Georgie adds on by saying “they connect” and James continues the thought by saying “Yes, they connect in a really fundamental way, because they’re very similar.”

The questions then turn personal like, how they liked filming in New Zealand and we can see the shift to personal when Georgie revealed that she got inspired to write two books because of New Zealand. They were lastly asked a very personal question, about what was the hardest aspect about filming, to which they both answered being away from their loved ones.

Now, in my opinion the whole extract conveys a message of friendship. It shows us the real life friendship between the actors and how they think alike judging by their answers to the questions. The tone was very positive, cheerful and happy, but towards the end it got a bit gloomy as it was a topic that was difficult for the actors to talk about, staying away from their family and friends.  This particular part of the extract makes the reader feel sympathy. The theme was about friendship and compassion, the friendship of the actors and their shared compassion towards filming and each other. The writer particularly conveys the message of friendship through the tone. The way they interacted with each other and their moods showed us that they respected and cared for each other a lot, like their fictional counterparts. The message of friendship was also conveyed through the vocabulary used. They both switched from formal to informal. The message was also conveyed through their body language, the way they were very comfortable and relaxed around each other.

In conclusion, the writer used multiple different aspects to convey the same message that of friendship along with trust, compassion and respect.




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