Talk on ‘Disastrous Fires’ by Eman Haseeb

Today I am here to talk about the disastrous fires caused each day in every part of the world. We will talk about how these are caused, their effects, and what can we do to overcome it.
Fire is caused very quickly. Areas where there is petrol or any other type of fuel can catch fire easily. From what I have experienced gas stations or houses are most likely to catch fire.
Fire in homes can be caused by turning on the gas of the stove and forgetting to turn it off. This is a very common incident in today’s daily life. The gas which was left open can spread all over the house and by lighting a matchbox near the stove can cause a huge fire. You students yourself would have seen this in movies or maybe heard from someone.
Another way in which fire can be caused is by burning huge amount of garbage. Garbage contains a lot of materials which catch fire easily. If the garbage being burnt is somewhere in the bushes then it will cause the fire to spread all over. So there are many ways in which disastrous and extreme fire can be caused. Now coming to the effects of the fire is what I will be telling you next.
Bushfires mostly suffered by Australia can cause pollution in the city. The bad smell spreads all over the area, not just this but creating pollution. Disastrous fires can cause people to die. Fires caused in homes or huge buildings where people cannot manage to escape; die burning in fire. A person who catches fire on his/her clothes cannot do anything rather than trying to put on water on them to save oneself from burning to death.
A firefighter puts his job at risk to save other people. To overcome fire you can throw water from a distance. A great deal of water is needed such as a fire estinguisher which is available in most of the shops and buildings. High school students like you would know how to make a fire stop. You people would have studied this or seen it in movies or documentaries.
Places where there are no fire estinguishers can use cloths such as blankets or sheets. This can be helpful for the people owning a clothing shop.
At last I would like to suggest the students to study more about fire and how to get rid of them. To be a fire fighter one has to put their lives at risk in order to save someone else’s life

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