Q. You are writing a letter to the mayor of the town explaining the causes and affects of disastrous fires. In your letter include the following: .The various causes .The effects and losses .How can these be countered Think carefully about the purpose of your of your letter and the audience for whom it is intended. By Aamash Qaiser


Greenland apartments,

 St. Patrick’s road,

 Washington D.C.

November 15, 2017

Mayor House,

Trafalgar road,

Cadbury town.

Subject: The causes and effects of disastrous fires

Dear Mr. Abraham,

It is stated that the several, yet minor, fires around the town of Cadbury has come to the knowledge of the undersigned. This letter has been written down to inform the addressee about the dangers and precautions regarding wildfires as to prevent such situations.

It is said that to prevent the flames from originating, the sources of the fires should be acknowledged.

  • The Forests: Towns similar to the Cadbury town, which are reportedly surrounded by dense forests area at a high risk of a wildfire as trees are consumed by the flames and act as a catalyst to spread the fire. Intense fires which may exceed 250,000 kilowatts of energy per metre are at a high risk. A town, reportedly, was burnt out of existence during the previous year.
  • Extreme Temperatures reported in the proximate areas reaching up to 30C to 40C are considered to be crucial sources of fires as the dry bush tend to ignite.
  • As per estimations, the unmanaged forests are observed to be littered by various plastics and garbage which function as a catalyst to spread the fire.

Wildfires which tend to get out of control and spreads on will can cause a major threat to the residents nearby and the environment. The residence constructed out of wood and timber have a increased risk of burning down. Residents result in ending up homeless and the repairing costs are hefty. The intense temperatures damage the environment and the smoke produced lasts for days which is hazardous to breathe.

The catastrophic losses vary from lives of the nearby residents reaching up yo sixty five people who . failed to evacuate. The properties combust and obliterate causing the loss of personal belongings of the residents and creating a burden on the government.

The addressee is required and is being appealed to take effective steps to counter such situations or prevent it from originating. Several vital measures could be observed and triggered. These are as follows:

  1. The forests surrounding the residential areas are to be managed as to prevent the trees which act as a fuel to have a safe distance from the town.
  2. Managing the forests includes the duty of the mayor or the addressee to tidy the nearby forest by collecting litter spread by human activities which contribute to broaden the flames.
  3. Effective evacuation plans are to be held in existence to be used in such situations which may include temporary shelter for the residents.
  4. In the situation of deliberate fire, which may have been lit for a leisure time or by a simple cigarette, are to be dealt with full force and the culprits are to be punished accordingly.

It is hoped that this letter and appeal is to be a factor of concern and is applied. Statistics of an occurrence of a wildfire has reportedly increased from 20% to 49%. Actions are to be taken accordingly.

Yours Sincerely,


Muhammad Aamash Qaiser

CEO of Save-the-Forest Agency


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