Q) Write the text of a speech to give to your class about the importance of education and how it helps individuals grow. You must include: · Importance of education/school · Measures taken for the improvement of schools/ resources · Role of the parents/ teachers to ensure good learning/ safety of the students Think carefully about the purpose of the speech and the audience for whom it is intended. By Mahum Mujtaba


“We have seen the situation of our country. More than half of our young children wander aimlessly around the roads, wearing rags and are deprived of basic needs. And many of us ponder on why these small children are working on the streets. The answer to this question is quite simple. It is the need of education …

Good morning fellow students and respected teacher. My name is Mahum and today I will inform you all about the importance of education, as well as what is being done to improve our schools. Education is powerful and many may not know that it is in fact, a necessity of life.

Education is vital and necessary for all of us. People like you and me can reach out for their true potential. Education is like the stepping stones to our talents, which are the stars shining high up in the sky. Education gives us the power of the pen and the joys of reading. Likewise, it also gives us skills that can only be obtained through education, like coding and algebra. And perhaps the most important part of education is the fact that it gives every single person a chance to learn … to learn about life … and how to overcome problems faced in our daily lives. Education is the most powerful weapon anyone can give us and we must use it to overcome the world.

The one place where all of us go to learn is school. But what exactly is being done to improve our schools? What can we do to help us learn more? … Firstly, our government can give schools more money. This would help them create new buildings and facilities that can enhance our learning. For instance, we can install laboratories in those schools that have none. This makes lessons more lively and exciting. Furthermore, we could also use the money to train good teachers and staff. Better teachers means better learning, and better learning means a better chance in life. Moreover, certain programs, like dropout prevention programs, will make sure that students will learn all that they can in order to succeed. These will ensure that students have the best chance possible in their future years.

All of us know how tasty the school lunches are. Though the food may appeal to our tastebuds, they are in fact, not healthy for us. These foods don’t make us as strong and healthy as we are meant to be. Of course, we all may not like healthy food in school, but it is necessary for us as it gives us a balanced diet. We could, for example, serve more fruits and vegetables in schools to provide us with a healthy diet. These are some of the changes that we should commence in our schools.

The role of teachers in schools is vital to learning. Though there are some teachers who all of us may not like, they still are very important in our lives. They have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They are responsible for teaching our country’s children. For if they fail to teach us properly, they fail to teach their country, as quoted by Nelson Mandela. In each lesson, the teacher has to teach the student something new. In the same way, they need to prepare interesting, lively and exciting lessons that engage the students in every class. In short, teachers must keep the highest standards in mind while preparing lessons.

Parents are the most important figures to all children’s ability to do well in school. Parents are the child’s first teachers, thus children look up to them in difficult times. Parents ensure that children do their homework, that is necessary. Furthermore, parents also need to make sure that children set high standards. This motivates students to work harder to achieve their goal. Just like me, who gets upset if I lose five marks in a test! Parents also need to get in touch with teachers for improvements in our studies, which is the cause of our tantrums when we find out that we need tuitions.

Teachers and parents should also train children to solve issues without using violence. This ensures that students study in a safe environment. Children should also be taught not to vandalize the school as well. Drugs should also not be allowed. These make sure that the students are safe in school and can focus on their studies.

In conclusion, education is very important to youths as it prepares us for future challenges. We must educate all our children as it gives them the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment.

Thank you all for your time.”


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