Q. Imagine you are a journalist doing research on the popularly rising addiction of the use of mobile phones. You have been asked to give a talk at a local high school apprising children on its feats. You should include: . Describe a regular morning at the tube station and the irony behind it . How were the things before and how have the British evolved . What are the pros and cons of teenagers owing mobile phones. Think carefully about the purpose of your talk and the audience for whom it is intended. By Aamash Qaiser


Hi there youngsters . The school environment does bring back many memories. I can already observe some mobile phones recording me, don’t stress yourself though because that will have a greater impact on you relating to what I am here to talk about today.

As for many of you who don’t recognize my face, I’m William, a journalist who is curious to know what goes inside the head of yours. I’m here to talk about your beloved mobile phones and how they have grown in popularity throughout the years and why people like or dislike it.

Now, I’m a very keen observer, you know like they say “all eyes and ears”, (I don’t know if it’s a natural instinct or I’ve been taking my job too seriously, anyway, today at the tube station on a regular British morning I saw not one but two scenarios where the person that called or texted the other one, was a few feet away.

This saddened me as the realization hit me that the individuals did not decided to actually to talk to each other verbally and face to face but to do it through their phones.

Now, I can understand that someone may text as it may be confidential and would worry that someone would eavesdrop but talking on the phone with a higher pitch and volume and making strangers forcefully listen to your conversation is quite ironic and absurd.

Back in the 80s, no one thought of owing a mobile phone but now, not having a mobile phone is stated as ‘weird’. Every sixth person owns a mobile phone in this world and the number of phone owners in this world is likely to reach 1.4 billion.

The world has become faster with the use of technology but has also become increasingly busier. Men don’t have time to say “goodbye” when they leave for work but instead 80% of people call their partner while commuting and talk along the way.

It’s time to turn the table to your side, so let me give a talk about how a mobile phone can affect your teenage lives in both ways.

Mobile phones, a technology previously thought to be impossible is an object used in our daily lives today especially by teenagers. They can be a source of comfort and security fir both the parents and children as they can call each other anytime when in need of something.

The smartphones give an instant access to the internet where the teenagers can look for solutions to their problems quickly. It provides the largest source of knowledge by just a click.

It also provides an ability to text someone in case they are busy and cannot attend a call like a student attending a class can quickly look at the message and reply without disrupting the class.

However, the negative effects of mobile phones are tragic and unfortunate for teenagers. Then addiction is a fact that cannot be denied and that teenagers use their phones instead of focusing on their academics.

The greatest threat of owning a mobile phone is the theft. Many teenagers present here today may have experienced mobile theft. This is rising rapidly as the newer mobile phones are having an expensive price such as the new “Apple iPhone X” which ranges up to one thousand US dollars.

The phones are so dear to people nowadays that they would not easily give in their phones even with a gun to their head because last month, a teenage girl was shot in the head and murdered for not giving her phone to the robber.

These types of threats induce a burden on the parents too as they have to be cautious and keep an eye on the phone in public and explaining to some ignorant teens, the dangers and threats of owning a phone which may vary from actual theft or hacking which reveals all the material inside the phone to hackers therefore invading privacy.

It is all a big risk but there are good chances that you may not even get mugged but my advice is that you should stay cautious and vigilant and don’t end up losing your phone and just like in the Stranger Things show, “Stay Frosty”.


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