“People should take part in challenging activities. Do you agree?” By Shameer Abdullah

Human beings are creatures that prefer to stay on the same track. What is life without any thrill or challenges? Staying on the same track reduces ones willingness to try something new. Activities can push ones limits and help develop abilities to a higher level. Modern technology has immensely affected the youth and has driven their minds towards them.
Suitable challenging activities can encourage social, mental and physical development in a person, ultimately making him/her/it into a better person. There is ample evidence claiming that people who take part in challenging activities are sharper, smarter in their lives. A recent report by the Harvard University claims that more than sixty percent of the people who take part in challenging activities surge in their chosen professions.
Doctor Drinkwater of the medical institute of Minnesota claimed that the best students were the ones who had taken part challenging activities. Alternatively many experts believe that if a person does not put a burden on themselves and stay in their comfort zone; they can carry a way better life.
Campaigners of the topic believe that challenging group activities encourage teamwork. When they face a common difficulty, they tend to work together and overcome the obstacles faced in their lives.Zoe Kazan, a member of the Alaska summer camp stated that her life has turned around. She used to live inside house(cage) for most hours of the day. The day she joined the camp, she has found a great deal of friends and is enjoying her life in the camp ever since.
Opposition of the topic claim that one can only excel individually. Success is always earned individually. When a person stays at home and avoids extra activities, they can maintain their focus on thing they are desired to do. Statistics claim that more than fifty percent of the people who stay at their houses can build more focus and perform better at assignments and tests.
Advocates of the topic feel that by participating in challenging activities leads to new experiences and new experiences and makes them fitter. If a person takes part in these activities, he/she gains experience and will be useful in the future. Activities like football, scuba diving make a person fitter and healthier. Famous gymnast Paul Pogba said, ”The reason behind my fitness is my interest in physical activities.” The results of a recent study revealed that more than eighty percent people who are physically active have a longer life.
On the other hand, pressure groups maintain that some people are uncomfortable with challenging activities and it might even lead to negative results. A few studies across the globe — including of the highly respected University, Oxford — have shown that an approximate twenty-five percent of people actually complete the activity given to them, may it be physical or mental.
In my opinion a challenging activity is an optional obstacle undertaken by dare devils. Those who take part in such activities have mental and physical benefits and profits off of these activities in the long term. Like the famous internet personality ‘Chamoagnepapi’ once said, ”You cant really experience the thrill, the fun and the benefits of something until you do it.”

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