“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal” (Paragraph Writing) By Asfand Mohiuddin


Obstacles appear when you stray away from you goal. Your goal let it be success in fame or education , it is not an easy thing to accomplish if there are obstacles. When we talk about obstacles , we don’t talk about hurdles. We talk about distractions as being obstacles. Distractions such as playing video games or wasting your time. These obstacles prevent you from attaining your goal as they divert your mind and keep your goal beyond your reach. For example you play football and the players of the other team prevent you from getting the ball into the goal. Those players are also obstacles as they prevent you from getting to your goal of you’re not focused enough . So to prevent any obstacles , you have to be focused and determined on your goal . Do you know what happens when you los focus ? You miss your goal . Moreover ,these obstacles increase your hardships when you get distracted. By this it means that you have to work harder than before . Furthermore, obstacles only appear in your life because you let them in . This is because you start to forget your goal and you may think that you are capable enough to handle these obstacles . You can’t. Despite all this , there are small obstacles even when there aren’t obstacles . These sort of obstacles have to be dealt with daily . These are easy to overcome. These obstacles are seen and presented before every goal. For example if you are on a diet and you see chocolate cake. You can’t help it. So you take a bite into that chocolate cake. However , these sort of obstacles are overcome depending on how determined you are to reach your goal. Also the fact that we must understand that goals are not set directly in your path , there are obstacles in it that are “ready” to distract you. Furthermore, , know that no goal is achieved without any obstacles in it . In the end, believe that only you and you alone can overcome your obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goal. If you have the determination and the focus to.


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