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AO2: What’s Money? by Waleed Ahsan


Ans.The following extract “What’s Money” is taken from the novel
“Dombey and Son” written by Charles Dickens.This story is about a
father and son, who have a somewhat intense and awkward
conversation between themselves,and the evidence needed to
support that is as follows:
“ ‘Why didn’t money save me my
mamma’,returned the child.Isn’t it cruel is it?.”
The following example stated above gives the audience a good idea as
to how intense,sad and somewhat depressive this conversation
between the father and his son is.Apart from this,the example that
proves that there is a miniature element of awkwardness in the
conversation is as follows:
“He took hold of the little hand and beat it
softly against one of his own as he said so.But Paul got his hand free
as soon as he could”, and this perfectly explains that there is an
element of awkwardness and uncomfortibility between the father
and son.The main idea or theme behind the passage is of money as
the father and son have a thorough discussion related to it
throughout the passage.The Genre of this passage is classic English
literature and we get to know about this when the writer states that
“Gold,silver,and copper.Guineas,shillings,half pence” and we know

through this example as this is an old currency being used in the olden
days and we know that this is not the present as no specific currency
is stated.There are two main purposes of this extract which are
expressive and conative,which are mainly there to inform as well as to
entertain the audience.The specific selected audience for this passage
is young adults,mainly who are interested in classical novels and
The author uses one of the four types of appeals,which is pathos and
it means that the author appeals to the audience through emotion for
example,“Why didn’t money save me my mamma”,through this the
writer emotionally appeals to the audience through the character of
the son and refers to the fact that if money can buy everything,then
why can’t it get his mamma back,which tells us about the fact that
money cannot buy happiness.
The author has used certain linguistic features in this passage,one of
them being the figures of speech,and to further go into detail about
the figures of speech,the writer has used 3 types of figures of speech
which include personifications,paradox,idioms and the examples for
each of these are as follows:
“As though the fire was his adviser and
prompter”,this tells us that he was nervous,other examples of idioms
include,“Wit were in the palm” and “Heaven and earth”.However,the
one paradox which is present in the passage is “No,a good thing can’t
be cruel” which explains the emotions of little Paul.
In conclusion,I believe that by mentioning the above techniques that
the writer has used which include the theme,Genre,purpose,audience

and the linguistic features,the author has done an amazing job in
writing the passage.