Write a story true or imaginary based on the following lines “and there was nothing he could do about it” by Maryam Baig



Jordan was just an ordinary high school back bencher, who, like most back benchers never really knew what was going on or when to keep their mouth shut. Most of whom at Liberty High envied the smart, popular, cool students but Jordan minded his own business and unlike the rest was a kind hearted, punctual backbencher.

The second Friday of every school year held the most anticipate party of the year. The popular kids started this ‘tradition’ three years ago when they thought a party of some sort would have had put some meaning behind their luscious summer tan and since everyone would still be under the blissful, warm, magical feel of summer they would join in hence, us back benchers were invited as well.

Jordan and his friends, Betty and Ned, were planning on not attending this year as they never really fit in with the rest of the students. The three were like three biscuits in a tin of cookies. On that note they decided to inform the others about their absence on Friday but the ‘leader’ of the group, Jason, (not that he was an actual leader it was just that he was older than all of us as this was his third time being a sophomore student thus everyone looked up to him) insisted that it would be the biggest party of the year therefore due to the piles and piles of persuasion and reasons to go, Jordan, Betty an Ned looked at each other until Betty finally said “alright, alright we’ll come just don’t expect us to have any fun!” while she rolled her eyes and walked away.

Last year’s party wasn’t really much fun for Jason. No friends, nothing to talk about and a horrible fixed reputation. All the popular students tucked away in a corner getting involved in under aged drinking, smoking and all other such things that were considered to be ‘cool’. All the other students’ in-between being popular and the back benchers had their own groups of at least six people scattered around the house and a few in the backyard playing games or gossiping. Leaving the back benchers to settle in the backyard doing God knows what. Everyone was just so preoccupied that nobody even realized it was a party and were so absorbed into their own requirements.

The night before the party Betty had bought loads of makeup, a white laced long-sleeved dress and even researched ‘conversation starters’ on google to try and fit in. Ned on the other hand, had hardly any interest in fitting in or be-friending anyone at the party. Jordan was fired up and excited and neither him nor could Betty get any sleep that night.

The party was held at Nick’s house, the perky student that practically knew everybody in town. He had a pretty large three story white-bricked house with a just as large backyard, a pool, two front gates with fancy statues standing on either end, a wide pitch black back gate and the whole house surrounded by perfectly trimmed hedges shaped into different figures.

There were twice as many people at this year’s party than last year’s party and Jordan felt like maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea. There were fairy lights all over a disco ball in the centre of the ceiling, two jumbo sized tables filled with food and snacks a DJ in the right corner, multi coloured lights flashed in all directions, a photo booth in the left corner, the latest hits playing on the highest volume that the neighbours filed a complaint twice! Everyone looked spectacular, even Ned who seemed to be having a good time. Everyone took pictures holding mandatory red cups laughing and the photo booths were never empty. Jordan had an amazing time although he had close to no friends; he found that at the party nobody really cared who they were talking to as long as there was someone listening.

It was past Jordan’s curfew and so he headed home slightly tipsy. He missed a red light and crashed into another car. Jordan slowly started to process what had just happened. His car was perfectly fine ignoring the dent on the number plate. On the contrary, the blue Honda he crashed into was entirely destroyed. Pieces of glass were scattered throughout the street and as Jordan could recognise the face of his victim he heard the sirens of a police car and an ambulance. Jordan had accidentally killed Nick, the host of the party he had just attended, the nice boy who knew everyone and therefore everyone would know Jordan had murdered him and there was nothing he could do about it. All he could think about was what explanation would he give to his parents, Betty and Ned. The pale complexion of Nicks’ face made the spots of blood pop which would haunt Jordan forever.

What was done was done. The police confirmed that it was all an accident and that he wouldn’t be sentenced to jail. Jordan knew that it wouldn’t be easy for everyone to forgive him for what he had done but he had to live with the guilt and fact that a life had been taken with his own hands.





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