Write a dialogue between two colleagues working in the bank in Zimbabwe, discussing the hyperinflation of the country. In your dialogue, include the following: • the current situation • how people suffer • what can be expected Think carefully about the purpose of your dialogue, and the audience for whom it is intended. By Jibraeil Aatif Anwar


Peter: Good afternoon, Nelson.

Nelson: A good afternoon to you, too, Peter.

Peter: I can already assume that you’ve heard about the news. About that horrible event that came almost like a tornado that takes along all the farmer’s sheep with it – hyperinflation.

Nelson: Yes, that was quite unfortunate to hear about.

Peter: It still infuriates me to no end. Once upon a time, our currency meant something; now… even twenty-five billion of its notes trade with only ONE US dollar. ONE! I can’t believe that this is our country’s fate.

Nelson: Now, now, Peter. Calm down. No need to get so agitated.

Peter: SO AGITATED?! What are you talking about, man?! People are suffering thanks to what’s happening. Mothers are unable to provide for their children, fathers are unable to earn a living for their family, thousands and thousands of workers have been put out of business, and the economy as a whole is going down. This is nothing to be calm and serene about, Nelson!

Nelson: Peter, first of all, calm down. Second of all, I know that you are upset, but there is no need to worry. We, as a nation, have always been a hopeful bunch, so I am quite sure that we will find a solution to our problem. Please, do not worry about it too much.

Peter: (sighs) I guess you’re right, Nelson.

Nelson: Glad to see that we have reached an understanding. So, how are your wife and kids feeling, after this incident?

Peter: They’re feeling horrible. In fact, the entire reason I got so riled up was because of them. My poor little angels. What am I to do now?

Nelson: A wise man once said that happiness could be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one were to remember to turn on the light. We are all struggling a great deal, Peter. But, I promise you that I will find a way to help your wife and children. And that is my firm promise.

Peter: I believe you.

Nelson: Now, what is the full story behind what happened?

Peter: Well, as I said before, twenty-five billion of our currency is currently trading with one US dollar.

Nelson: So, I have heard.

Peter: Unemployment is now running at more than eighty percent.

Nelson: Oh, dear.

Peter: The local newspaper even showed no less than five different people of the country give their views on what’s happening at the moment. Would you like to see it?

Nelson: Yes, of course.

(Peter hands Nelson over the newspaper)

Nelson: Very interesting perspectives. I can honestly not do anything other than worry like a sick dog over this.

Peter: What do you expect is to happen next, oh, wise, old Nelson?

Nelson: Now, now. No need to be so sarcastic, Peter.

Peter: Well?

Nelson: I am afraid that our economy may indeed be doomed at some point. It is almost as if Satan had sent his hounds of Hell to this world, and told them to target Zimbabwe, of all places.

Peter: Can anyone help us?

Nelson: Perhaps, we could obtain help from one of our fellow African countries. They have a better currency and resources than we do. I believe that they would be more than pleased to provide us with their precious luxuries.

Peter: What about any powerful nations? The USA and China, perhaps?

Nelson: I would only see that happening if they were willing to. They are busy countries, after all.

Peter: Yes, I forgot. Well, goodbye, Nelson. This helped me a lot, so I hope that you survive these years of darkness.

Nelson: Goodbye, Peter. I very much appreciate having helped you out.




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