Talk “A trip to the Venetian glass factory” by Shameer Abdullah


“Hello everyone. My name- my name is John Snow. But all of you already know that and if you do not, now you do. I have been called upon to talk about, trip to the Venetian glass factory. What a beautiful place it was! I have got to say that there were no roads. I mean can you believe it? No cars mean no pollution. Wow!

So my trip to Venice took place about a week ago. Venice is a small city in Italy. It is known best for its water-ways and bridges that connect about one hundred and fifty small islands. That’s more than I can count I am just messing around with you. But i mean a hundred and fifty islands. It is also well-known for its water taxis and gondolas. Does anyone over here know what are gondolas? … Thought so. Gondolas are small boats that are used to travel around in Venice to travel around in Venice. This is nothing! Venice has some of the most veteran and skilled glass blowers in the world! Most of these gondolas have their own drivers.

Venice has some of the most fascinating glass factories. I was given a tour to the whole factory. Loved it. When you look at gas factory, you think you are in the past like around 200 BCE. Beautiful sculptures of glass give you a very warm welcome. I have no words to describe that. So colourful and delicate. Muah!

Then as you enter the room, where the masters of glass make glass with such care. A very hot burst of heat welcomes you. The air over there is heavy. The heat over there is very hot and soothing.

You all might be wondering how all the glass pieces are sculpted. The glass goes through a great deal of. Firstly, the craftsmen remove a specific amount of the molten glass from the furnace with a blowpipe.  Sphere of molten glass gathers on one end. Now the craftsmen removes and rolls one a flat sheet of thick steel called the marvel. Oh sorry, its marver. With the help of this it gets its shape. The craftsman blows into one end of the blowpipe to create the molten glass bubble and gets its final shape.

This is how sphere gets its shape but now the main part is left. But what is left is beautified and decoration. This process has to be carried out very carefully.

Special tools such as tweezers are used to mould the glass. Different mineral are used to add colour. For example in order to get green colour (my favourite) you add cobalt.

So my fellow classmates, ,y advice to you is do go to Venice this summer. You people can thank me later. So as I have already told you about Venice, I hope it encouraged you. I would like to recommend you guys to go to Venice and explore yourselves. Have a good day! What you have been waiting of is here. Good-bye! “


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