‘Should students be allowed to use cell phones in school?Discuss.’ by Ayesha Ijaz


People say that cell phones should be allowed in school as they may help  students in some cases such as emergencies,using calculator,note taking,etc.Whereas some people argue that cell phones are a complete waste of time and some children may misuse it by cheating,using cell phones during class and causing distraction,using it inappropriately,etc.Both of these points are valid and they will be discussed in the following content.

Some people argue that cell phones may help students in case of emergencies,for example,there was a girl named Lauren in my school.One day she had a severe headache and she immediately called her mother from her phone to come and pick her up.Whereas,on the other hand,she could have simply walked up to the admin office which was just ten steps away and could have called home.Dr.Myra of the American institute states that fifty two percent of the children of today’s generation have a bad concentration level because of the radiation of cell phones.Is cell phone actually worth ruining your concentration span for?

Some people also say that it might help in work as we can use the calculator in the phone and many other apps and we would not have to bring an extra gadget like a calculator to school.But on the other hand,people might get distracted from the endless apps in the phone such as Facebook ,snapchat,twitter,instagram.A research was carried out and it is said that Facebook has two billion pages and if you waste all of your life in exploring them,you would not be able to do so.And are those endless memes worth wasting your time on?So it is just better to carry the simple calculator which hardly weighs even one kg.

And some people also argue that cell phones make note taking easier as you can just take pictures of them on your phone or you can just quickly type them down on you cell phone’s notepad.Whereas on the other hand,people may use their phones for cheating purposes as they can easily open their phone’s photo gallery and see the notes in a test or exam.And if you want to take pictures of the notes,just simply ask a friend to send you screenshots;what do you go to school for?A research center in China found out that writing/noting down things helps you learn and memorize twenty times faster than just simply reading them!

Children of today’s generation think that cell phones are a necessity whereas it is not.Dr.Charles (a German scientist) found out that a normal person sends an average of twenty to thirty messages everyday and they spend an average of four to five hours on their cell phones everyday!

Keeping that in mind,I would say that children should not be allowed to use cell phones in school as it is harmful,distractive
and can also be dangerous if not used in the right way.It can also create social competition which can cause problems and create issues as people may start stealing/losing phones.


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