‘Formal Letter: The Dinosuar Hunter’ by Shameer Abdullah


Harry Kane

                                                                                                                 Wingsburry Road
                                                                                                                 Lyme Regis,Dorset
                                                                                                                 November 3, 2016
History Museum
Piccadilly, London
Subject: Discovery of relics
Dear Sir,
             It has come to my notice that two siblings Mary and Joseph have found some sort of relics. They are being sold in the black market by these siblings. The undersigned advice’s that these relics should be placed in history museum rather than being sold. Furthermore the place from where these captivating relics were found is also the government property. Hence, they have no right to sell them to antique collectors.

In 1811(the date is not sure), Joseph made a very unique discovery. It was a dinosaurs head. When the head was being unearthed, the undersigned witnessed the incident with his own eyes. The undersigned was at a safe distance so should not really see the skull properly. It was four feet long; the jaws were filled with sharp interlocking teeth. The eye sockets huge like saucers. One of its eyes was severely damaged, deeply embedded while the other eye was perfectly fine. In an instant, the young boy Joseph darted and hired two men to assist him in order to unearth the dinosaur head.

After that the undersigned went closer to the stop and got to know that Joseph told his sister Mary about the discovery.

They were not really well-off; Mary used to come to same stop everyday in order to find the rest of the skeleton. But she could not find anything. Such a massive discovery took place but no action was taken by neither the government nor the museum owners.

Luck found her after one year or so. Every day the undersigned used to go to the same place in order for a miracle to happen. Mary found a fragment of fossil buried nearly two feet deep. Working her way through with a hammer she found a large vertebra. She unearthed the whole thing and found that it was a giant animal. This was up to seventeen feet long. She struggled, but at the end she got her reward. In reality it belonged to the government.

News spread rapidly across town and the local lord of the manor, Henry Hoste Henley bought it from her for $23. The undersigned urges the addressee to take this letter in consideration and so that these incidents do not take place again. It would be much better if the whole town could get to see the skeleton. In fact, the government can earn money by selling the tickets for the museum. It is true that Mary Anne did her hard work and her prize but it was the government’s property from where she found it. I hope the addressee will take some action.

Yours faithfully


Shameer Abdullah


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