‘Should students be allowed to use cell phones in school?’ By Hussain Murtaza


Cell phone is new technical,small and easy using invention.It is used by many people in this world.Cell phone is small,rectangular and light device which is used for many purposes .It has some benefits as well as some disadvantages too.

Some people believe  that students having cell phones in school is beneficial for them .Once friend of mine, Yousaf was not feeling good he eventually called his mother to pick him up and take him to the Doctor.People also say that it is used in case of emergencies  by students but on the other hand people against it believe that it should not be used by students because it distracts the students during the lecture and students may get busy in playing games and checking notifications.

Mr.Thomas,who lives in America and is professor at a university believes that a cell phone is a smart device having applications such as calendar and calculator.Students may use it for searching queries and using it as a dictionary.The people against the topic say that students may use it for cheating.They may take pictures of notes and copy them from cell phone during the test.

Some senior citizens say that cell phones should not be used by the students during their school timings.Students may misuse it by taking pictures of people around,playing games and messaging. My elder brother Hassan says “Students should be allowed to keep cell phones in school for various activities.They can gain benefits such as researching,using dictionary for difficult words and for using calculator in numeracy”.

I believe that students should be allowed to use cell phones in school.I agree with the topic.It can be used for taking pictures of the notes and for recording teacher’s lectures.Cell phones can be used for gaining several benefits I believe that it is very easy to use and easy to handle as it is very small in size.It is moving class !’


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