‘Is online learning as good as face-to-face learning? Discuss.’ By Afnan Kadir


Online learning is learning on the internet through various types of technological devices such as computers and laptops. These devices were created to make our lives comfortable. In the modern times, numerous kinds of online courses have emerged and many people are actually using them.

Online learning can be done by students in the comfort of their homes. Users of the internet say that it is easier for the students to work online for they do not get exhausted while studying in their homes. Supporters of online learning say that the students can take as many breaks as they want when doing online courses and ensure that they do not get exhausted while students who do face-to-face learning may be so tired that they would not have the strength to study anymore after reaching their homes.

On the other end, online learning may make the student lethargic or lazy. He or she may take too many breaks between their studies and may loose their interest in them while the classes in face-to-face learning are regular. A renowned researcher, Mr. Rao Umer Rashid, has stated that thirty percent of the children studying through online courses are getting terrible marks because of their laziness and loss of interest in their studies.

Furthermore, the information required for online learning is always available on the internet while in face-to-face learning the student would have to ask for information from the teacher or search for it in books. Campaigners of online learning claim that during face-to-face learning, it may not be possible for the students to access some vital information regarding their examinations late at night. A renowned researcher, Mr. Raja Sheryar Gul, has claimed that twenty percent of the children doing face-to-face learning are not able to access all the information which would enable them to take good grades.

In contrast, there may be power outages. There may be no electricity to work the computer. Therefore, the student would not be able to access the information on the internet. Estimates made by researchers tell us that in forty percent of Pakistan there is no electricity and the other sixty percent receives power outages regularly. Opponents of online learning say that power outages have become a serious problem for students doing online courses.

Moreover, in online learning you do not have to go to a university. Supporters of online learning believe that, during face-to-face learning, the student would have to travel away from home, would have to live in a completely unknown city or country and would struggle in an extremely competitive environment. With online learning, students could study living in their homes. A recent study found that eighty percent of the students doing face-to-face learning have to go away from their homes and to completely new cities and countries.

At the same time, online learning does not help a person to develop properly. Opponents of online learning say that only in a school or a university a student can develop properly, learn his manners, be patient, get rid of disappointment, and the most important of all the student learns to compete. People against online learning believe that all of these things are not possible through online learning. Research tells us that forty percent of the children who had studied through online courses have turned out to be immature and ill mannered.

In my opinion, online learning has an awful impact on students’ behaviour and development. I believe that students should still follow the traditional method of learning.


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