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‘Is online learning as good as face-to-face learning? Discuss.’ By Afnan Kadir


Online learning is learning on the internet through various types of technological devices such as computers and laptops. These devices were created to make our lives comfortable. In the modern times, numerous kinds of online courses have emerged and many people are actually using them.

Online learning can be done by students in the comfort of their homes. Users of the internet say that it is easier for the students to work online for they do not get exhausted while studying in their homes. Supporters of online learning say that the students can take as many breaks as they want when doing online courses and ensure that they do not get exhausted while students who do face-to-face learning may be so tired that they would not have the strength to study anymore after reaching their homes.

On the other end, online learning may make the student lethargic or lazy. He or she may take too many breaks between their studies and may loose their interest in them while the classes in face-to-face learning are regular. A renowned researcher, Mr. Rao Umer Rashid, has stated that thirty percent of the children studying through online courses are getting terrible marks because of their laziness and loss of interest in their studies.

Furthermore, the information required for online learning is always available on the internet while in face-to-face learning the student would have to ask for information from the teacher or search for it in books. Campaigners of online learning claim that during face-to-face learning, it may not be possible for the students to access some vital information regarding their examinations late at night. A renowned researcher, Mr. Raja Sheryar Gul, has claimed that twenty percent of the children doing face-to-face learning are not able to access all the information which would enable them to take good grades.

In contrast, there may be power outages. There may be no electricity to work the computer. Therefore, the student would not be able to access the information on the internet. Estimates made by researchers tell us that in forty percent of Pakistan there is no electricity and the other sixty percent receives power outages regularly. Opponents of online learning say that power outages have become a serious problem for students doing online courses.

Moreover, in online learning you do not have to go to a university. Supporters of online learning believe that, during face-to-face learning, the student would have to travel away from home, would have to live in a completely unknown city or country and would struggle in an extremely competitive environment. With online learning, students could study living in their homes. A recent study found that eighty percent of the students doing face-to-face learning have to go away from their homes and to completely new cities and countries.

At the same time, online learning does not help a person to develop properly. Opponents of online learning say that only in a school or a university a student can develop properly, learn his manners, be patient, get rid of disappointment, and the most important of all the student learns to compete. People against online learning believe that all of these things are not possible through online learning. Research tells us that forty percent of the children who had studied through online courses have turned out to be immature and ill mannered.

In my opinion, online learning has an awful impact on students’ behaviour and development. I believe that students should still follow the traditional method of learning.


‘The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done’ by Haya Aman

“Nathaniel!” It’s a stunning day! The air is crisp and the sun is out. Don’t you think it a good idea to go out and play?” My mother chirped while pulling the curtains back as if to emphasize her point.

I groaned like the whiny, adolescent, introvert fifteen year old boy I was.

“I don’t want to”, I huffed for easily the umpteenth time before going back to sketching the dark angel of death that often visited my dreams.

I tuned my mom out as she yapped endlessly about fresh air or something. With a final roll of my eyes I jerked my head towards her sharply.

“I don’t want to go, okay? Just bug off.”
I abruptly stood up.

Marching to my room I felt my frustration bubble up and threaten to explode. I did not need to go out. Going out was not a real escape. Going out was what got me into this emotional turmoil. I needed a permanent escape.

Once in the safe sanctuary of my four walls, I pulled my Beats over my ears effectively blocking out my mother’s calls for me. Closing my eyes, I let it transfer me into another realm.

Three hours later, I aroused from a slumber I did not mean to fall in and doused in a fine layer of sweat.

The nightmares would never leave me.

I could not escape in my sleep or conciousness; I would never be able to escape that night. The night everyone who promised me they would ever be there for me failed me. I was alone that night and no one seemed to hear me. No one came to my aid. No one saved me from the skeazy man who stole my innocence, my teenage years.

Sobs racked my body as I relived the man in his cracked brown leather jacket and crooked tar stained teeth smiling at me. His wide, black irises bore straight through me as I cried for him to leave me alone. A low chuckle falling from his wrinkled, chapped lips as he finally managed to corner me. My eyes shut tightly as hot tears fell down my cheeks. I had to fight the memories off, or I would die trying.

My back arched off my bed. I wailed louder. A whimper escaped through my lips, betraying me as I tried to pull myself together. I could not take it anymore. I padded through my bathroom, gasping on air. I knelt on my knees, filling my bath tub with hot, relaxing water and clambered in still lost in my thoughts. With each aggressive grunt that haunted me came a sharp blade slicing through, creating another three beautiful gushing, red slashes to mare my pale skin. My vision began to blur at the edges threatening to take me under. I couldn’t stop though. I couldn’t tear myself away from that night; it had become me. A small broken sob could be heard before everything went black.

I assume the paramedics came in time. In time for them, too early for me. I assume my mother somehow managed to open my locked bedroom door and find me drowning in my own blood. I assume they all were worried for me. I assume they stressed over my mental health. But then again, these were all assumptions. What I can confirm is that (I do not know how) I ended up very much alive in a hospital bed.

I huffed a final breath to my therapist. Wrists bandaged, I blubbered in an attempt to stop crying after recounting the past three months. My cheeks were stained with the infinite tears that were shed in the past hour. I knew the worst was over. I continued to feel unsafe, loathe myself, feel disgusting in my skin, lingering uncertainty and fear but the hardest part was over. I managed to tell someone my darkest secret of what happened that night. I took that most difficult, first baby step forward to recovery.

‘THE DINOSAUR HUNTER Page: 82 (Q.)Write a magazine article for your school on the archeological discoveries of Mary Anning. In your article include the following: • Why did Mary dig relics at the beach? • What did Joseph discover? • What was Mary’s discovery and what was its impact? ‘ By Afnan Kadir


Dinosaur Unearthed!

Mary accidently finds a dinosaur’s skeleton.

Afnan Kadir

October 31, 2016

Currently, numerous archaeological discoveries are being made all over the world. Mary Anning stumbled on one such find. It all started with her digging on a beach looking for fossils where she found a beautiful ammonite, or snake stone. She later sold it to a lady for half a crown. She was overjoyed as it was enough wealth to feed her family for a week. Since then she started looking for fossils or relics on the beach to earn money. After all, if only digging on a beach would get her so much wealth why would not she continue to dig?

After that find, her brother Joseph also unearthed a great relic. The exact date of the find is not known but the year in which the relic was found is known. It was the year eighteen eleven when Joseph made an astonishing discovery while walking on the beach. Buried in the sand, he found a giant head of a fossilized creature. The head was four feet long, the jaws were filled with sharp interlocking teeth and the eye sockets were humongous. One eye of the creature was damaged while the other eye was undamaged. The whole head was uncovered by Joseph with the help of two men. It was thought to be a skull of a very large crocodile.

After about a year, Mary uncovered a huge backbone. It was made up of sixty vertebrae. On one side the shape of the skeleton could be seen and it looked like a skeleton of a huge fish with a long tail. On the other side, the ribs were forced down upon the vertebrae and the shape was difficult to make out. When the whole skull was unearthed, it could be seen that this skull was of a giant animal which was later called a dinosaur and was about seventeen feet long. News of Mary’s discovery spread very quickly throughout the whole town. The local lord of the manor, Henry Hoste Henley, bought the fossil from Mary for twenty-three pounds which was enough to feed her family for over six months. The fossil was first placed in the Bullock’s Museum in Piccadily and now, it is currently present in the National History Museum in London.

Many movies and paintings were based on Mary’s find. One such example is Duria antiquior (Ancient Dorset) which was painted in 1830 by Henry de la Beche. The Jurassic World is also one of the movies which is based on Mary’s findings. In that movie, they have been able to recreate dinosaurs by using a specific chemical formula. The movie shows the structure of a dinosaur in detail and how dangerous and life threatening they are.

I have also read numerous books and encyclopedias on this topic and have spent hours researching on dinosaurs. Expert scientists say that dinosaurs went extinct because a meteor from space came to earth because of which the climatic conditions in which dinosaurs could live were destroyed.

So basicly, it all started when Mary discovered a snake stone and after that her brother Joseph unearthed the head of a dinosaur. In about a year, Mary discovered the backbone of a dinosaur. One archeologist has quoted: “If it had not been for Mary discovering the snakestone, and after that a whole dinosaur skull, we would not have known that a creature as humongous as a dinosaur even existed.”

‘Think of your city as you walk down the sidewalk in the middle of that city,what do you experience?’ By Ayesha Ijaz


As I walk down the sidewalk on the beautiful sunny morning,flower beds on my right and road on my left,the crows croaking and the wind howling,I stopped as I bent down to touch the pure white fluffy Persian cat but as I was about to touch it…it ran away.

Then I came across a school bus filled with children in a navy blue and white uniform;some children laughing,some talking,some singing while some were even sleeping.As I took a right turn,I came across a park where people were playing,exercising,jogging and walking in their tracksuits.And then I saw a beautiful family sitting on a bench having picnic enjoying the weather and the view as spring was just around the corner.Some people were walking with their dogs who looked excited.There was a beautiful clear view of the mountains from the park and one could stand and stare at them all day long and still would not get get enough of it.

As I walked further,I came across a market where people were opening their shops gradually.The market was almost empty and it surprised me as it was a very famous market and would always be full.

As I went onwards,suddenly two cars came speeding and banged into each other.Residents of both the card were injured badly.Soon,the ambulance arrived and they were taken to the hospital.Tgat accident terrified me.

As I kept on walking,I came across many people;some in shalwar kameez and some in jeans and shirts.Then I came across a flower shop.The smell was remarkable.I could see and smell the beautiful,fresh,red roses and tulips and many other beautiful flowers.There was a pet shop beside the flower shop so I decided to browse that too.I saw parrots,cats,dogs,aquariums and I saw a chameleon too.

As I strolled further on the side walk,I saw a bakery across the road.As I went in,I could smell fresh bread being baked.It was a beautiful bakery;it had a sitting place on the left and the counter was on the right.So I just bought a cupcake and left.Then I was tired so I decided to go home.It was a beautiful tour across the city!

‘Describe your favourite person’ by Dua Shahid


When the word “favourite person” was shouted out to the world, my mind always leaned towards Emily who was by far, without a doubt, my favourite person. Emily Robert, the perky, upbeat girl who played the trumpet in the school band and had been participating in bake sales on every Wednesday since the Christmas of 3rd grade.

To hate Emily was unacceptable in our small town, Jeffreyville, because to be honest with you, you just cannot hate a girl like Emily. She was the type of girl people wrote endless pages of poetry on, and the type of person that was incorporated into every scribble, and draft, and letter. Everyone loved her and so did I, but not for the same reasons that they did.

Emily was the epitome of beauty and brains- she was an A star student who charmed anyone that set eyes on her. She was like falling rain- enchanting at first, but at the same time it could drown you.

Her eyes were what drew people towards her. Her eyes couldn’t be compared to the bluest ocean, greenest forest, amber fire, or coffee beans roasted to perfection. Her eyes could not be compared to the beauty that earth held- her intriguing eyes held the entire universe, a universe that could leave you in a daze for days. If an author was to spare her a glance, she would be describes as the daughter of Thor, God of thunder and rain. But if she was anything, she should be compared to the sun- the bright, warm, beneficial sun.

I had known Emily since the start of time itself, but it was last year that she became my absolute favourite person. Last year, people were leaving my life as fast as lightening, and the pedestal on which my life stood, was continuously changing, but she was the only thing constant in my life. She was my rock in times of trouble, she was the voice I whispered my tales of woe to at the crack of dawn, and the hands that held me when I cried buckets of tears at twilight; she was the one who never left my side no matter how hectic my life became.

Emily was a sweet girl; she was pure raw happiness. A frown never settled on her face for too long and she had the absurd habit of seeing light in a room full of darkness. She saw the beauty in the abused and company in the broken. Emily was a beacon of hope- my beacon of hope who made me laugh until my ribs would hurt and adrenaline would pump through my delicate veins because of sheer joy. Emily’s gait was light, but her mark on the soil was irreplaceable.

Emily Robert was my favourite person because she believed in lost dreams and shooting stars; she believed that kindness was the best way to happiness- as well as failure- but only if taken for granted. She was supportive of my interests and was my number one fan. Furthermore, she was the only person to ever knock some sense into my head which was always high in the clouds.

Emily loved to draw, and I knew because whenever she would sleep over at my house, she would wake up at the crack of dawn to draw the light shyly entering the room through crevices in the walls and the glass mosaics in windows. She was in love with the stars as well. What fascinated her most would have to be how the night sky was embedded with millions and billions of twinkling stars that were hung up in the night sky as a decoration- that without them, the moon would be terribly lonely.

Her laugh was funnier than her humour and she had a prominent gap between her teeth; however it was her imperfections that made her truly stand out and her confidence that resulted in her being my favourite person. She had an unwavering personality, a strong belief in the good present in this world, and the ability to be optimistic about everything.

Emily Robert was sunshine, and quiet nights, and articles of clothing stained with paint, and the constellations; she was cinnamon and morning dew. Emily was an observer of humanity who helped the world by purely existing and that is why she was, is, and always will be my favourite person.


‘My most frightening experience’ by Dua Shahid


There is nothing wrong with being frightened. There’s nothing wrong with your knees trembling and your heart beating so loud that it drowns every other sound out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being afraid of something- even if it is an insignificant matter. What I was currently facing; however, was anything but a trivial matter.

A streak of lightning illuminated the lilac sky, the welkin smeared with a blinding white bolt of light, the dusty grey clouds hidden behind the shadows, easily detectable now.

The green shirt I was wearing, clung to my sweaty body like a second skin whereas my cargo pants, were shredded and torn so much that they provided little to no protection to my legs. Another bolt of lightning tore the lilac sky in half and then came the wretched rain; the rain which consisted of molten lava to be exact.

I winced in pain as a handful of drops fell onto my shoulder, the excruciating pain seeping through my skin and burning me alive from the inside. I could feel my skin gradually peeling off and the damaged interior bubbling from the inside. The people of Fantamasia truly hated visitors, from the looks of things at the moment, seeing how the mere entrance to Fantamasia consisted of a climatic warzone.

Boulders the size of double-decker buses hurled towards me, their target a girl with a courage of a tiger; truly reckless. The sky bled crimson and snippets of gold- gold stolen from the rays of the dreadful sun which burned everything in its path.

I was truly scared now. With every change in the colour of the vast sky, was another obstacle thrown at me, and another set of bruises and scars being formed.

My heart was stuck in my throat, beating to the sound of destruction; quick and endless. My clammy hands balled into fists, my torn nails sunk deep into my skin, clawing at the flesh, eager for blood to ooze out. My body shook like uneven ground and the incessant rattling of children’s toys. Sobs drowned my terrified thoughts out, leaving my head throbbing and hurting to the point that I felt as if my brain would explode.

A tingling sensation spread across my legs; looking down, I saw rich scarlet tainting my thigh downwards till my ankle, the blood bathing my shoes in red.  My vision gradually became blurry and sand filled my eyes, my ears deaf to the reality that was now, the present.

Arms hoisted me up and a soothing light shone on my face. After another couple of aggravatingly endless hours, my body made contact with a soft bed and all that rang through my mind was how truly frightened I had been until I entered the sanctuary.


‘Should students be allowed to use cell phones in school?’ By Hussain Murtaza


Cell phone is new technical,small and easy using invention.It is used by many people in this world.Cell phone is small,rectangular and light device which is used for many purposes .It has some benefits as well as some disadvantages too.

Some people believe  that students having cell phones in school is beneficial for them .Once friend of mine, Yousaf was not feeling good he eventually called his mother to pick him up and take him to the Doctor.People also say that it is used in case of emergencies  by students but on the other hand people against it believe that it should not be used by students because it distracts the students during the lecture and students may get busy in playing games and checking notifications.

Mr.Thomas,who lives in America and is professor at a university believes that a cell phone is a smart device having applications such as calendar and calculator.Students may use it for searching queries and using it as a dictionary.The people against the topic say that students may use it for cheating.They may take pictures of notes and copy them from cell phone during the test.

Some senior citizens say that cell phones should not be used by the students during their school timings.Students may misuse it by taking pictures of people around,playing games and messaging. My elder brother Hassan says “Students should be allowed to keep cell phones in school for various activities.They can gain benefits such as researching,using dictionary for difficult words and for using calculator in numeracy”.

I believe that students should be allowed to use cell phones in school.I agree with the topic.It can be used for taking pictures of the notes and for recording teacher’s lectures.Cell phones can be used for gaining several benefits I believe that it is very easy to use and easy to handle as it is very small in size.It is moving class !’

‘For Venezuela’s Poor, Music Opens Doors Pg: 69 Q. Write a speech by Lennar Acosta at a press conference about how his life was transformed by the inspirational Jose Antonio Abreu and also by music. In your speech include the following: • What was his past like • How he was introduced to music and how it changed him • Discuss the achievements of the music program Think carefully about the purpose of your speech and the audience for whom it is intended.’ By Zoraiz Syed


“A very good morning to all of you! I am Lennar Acosta, member of the Caracas Youth Orchestra and a teacher of clarinets. My purpose of holding this press conference is to tell you how I turned my life around.

Before my life was turned around by ‘El Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu, I was a very horrid teenager, worse than usual teens! I had been arrested at least nine times for drug abuse and robberies; I also got into a great deal of fights. You can see these scars on my face. I was living a very hard life and was in some extremely tough situations. If I could go back in time and make amends, I would certainly change my past.

However, there was a good thing that came out of all this. A year into my youth sentence, I met El Maestro who taught me about music and this was the first step into my new life.

Jose Antonio Abreu taught me more than music. He restored hope in me, trusted me when no one did and believed in me. When people were afraid of me, he was the one who understood me and allowed me to open up.

The music that was taught to me really changed my life-literally! I memorized many orchestras and I also cut off ties with my previous criminal gang. Since I had come from a humble family, music was a new and interesting thing for me. it brought me happiness, comfort and fueled me with passion to do good.

This music program has achieved a great deal for all of us here in Venezuela. There are nearly 400,000 children who have passed through this program and their future has become brighter.

There were a great deal of people who were criminals before but through this program they have become teachers of various instruments or are now studying in very good schools to further improve their lifestyle.

Another great thing is that this program motivated other areas, such as Latin America, to start programs to support the poor. This has also led to many children joining foreign orchestras and earning a good name for themselves and their countries.

I would like to thank you all for listening and would end with a saying of El Maestro: ‘Music makes us all better human beings!’ Thank you!”

‘A Trip to the Venetian Glass Factory Pg: 57 Q. You are one of the visitors at the Venetian Glass factory. Write a talk for your class while including the following points: • Describe Venice and the view of the Venetian Glass factory • How are glass pieces sculpted • How are these pieces decorated Think carefully about the purpose of your talk and the audience for whom it is intended.’ by Zoraiz Syed


“Hello everyone! Most of you already know me but for those who do not, I am John Cena. Most of you also know that I love to travel. Recently, I was on a vacation in Venice and I discovered some very interesting things there which I will enlighten you with today.

Many people have the impression that Venice is like an ocean. This is true, to some extent. The streets of Venice are very unique. Instead of brick-made roads, my fellow students, there are gorgeous, blue water streams! And to cross these streets you do not require a car or a bike. Instead, you need only travel in ‘gondolas.’

Gondolas are basically small rowing boats. They are very common on the water ways of Venice. You can either own one or rent it like a taxi. Most gondolas have their own ‘drivers’ who row it to your desired destination.

I am sure almost everyone of you thinks that Venice is famous for its watery streets. However, there is more to Venice than that. It is a big hub for art enthusiasts as it has some of the most fascinating glass factories of the world. I was given a real life tour of one such factory and now I will give you a tour too!

When you first look at the old glass factory, you are taken to the past as far back as 200BC. Entering the glass factory, you are greeted with a beautiful array of glass sculptures. They are the most colorful and delicate sculptures you will ever see.

Then, as you enter the room where the wizards of glass master their craft, you are greeted with a hot burst of heat. It is not the usual heat you feel from a hot object. Instead, it is a soothing, blissful heat that brings a feeling of calm to the visitor.

Now you may be wondering how glass is sculpted? This is a very sophisticated process and not everyone can do this.

The craftsman starts this craft by first removing a specific amount of the molten glass from the furnace with a blowpipe. A sphere of molten glass accumulates on one side of the blowpipe which the craftsman removes and rolls over a flat sheet of steel called a marver. This gives it the final shape. Lastly, the craftsman blows into the open end of the blowpipe to create the molten glass bubble and shapes it into the final piece.

This was just the creation of the sphere. The main part that is now left is beautification and décor. This is a very delicate process.

The artists use special tweezers to mold the glass into the desired shape. To add color, the artists use different minerals. For example, to get a dark green color, copper is added and to get a blue color, cobalt is added. This gives these elegant sculptures the beauty they give off.

So my fellow classmates, this is one of the wonders of Venice. People mostly think that Venice is only known for its water ways and gondolas. But now you are some of the rare people who know about this spectacular art. I would like to encourage you to go to Venice and see this art for yourself. I appreciate you for listening. Ciao!”