‘The Lost Key’ by Shehryar Mir


The sun was shinning, high in the bright daylight, reflecting through her deep-blue eyes, just like the alluring seas of the world. We walked in circles, chasing pavements, in sync with each other’s thoughts while talking. The beautiful red and white roses were in full bloom that spring afternoon, encircling the area in uniform clusters. I felt lost in our conversation, which had now gotten deeper than I expected, but I loved it. Every minute felt like a split second, but hours later, we walked separate ways. I never knew that she could walk away, but come back running to the deepest corners of my heart.

We met again, but this time near the water. Her blonde locks waved through the beautiful breeze. The air was fresh that summer evening. The sun was setting, and enthralling pink and crimson hues painted the sky, leaving behind faint yellow lines, as I placed my arms around her. Her eyes dotted mine, and stopped there; as we conversed she sighed and said with an unusual expression, “You’re my best friend.”

It took some time, but I realized.

I kept rolling a dice in my mind, and later was plucking flower petals in my dreams. Days went by, and I felt free. I finally felt as if I was recovering.

We, then, one day walked through the woods, and found our way to the clear. We sat, watching the stars as the moonlight lit up the darkness. The colors of the sky changed like the capricious weather that midnight. I can still recall the autumn leaves on the ground. Her sweet disposition shined throughout the night. No three words were equal to the looks we passed.  And that was the moment I knew.

A long time ago, I had built sand castles that washed away, and I lived in a train wreck that lasted millions of years. And, for the months after, all I thought love did was break, end and burn. My heart had now locked itself and the key was nowhere to be found, until you came around. You made me leave my demons and my broken pieces behind, and I was finally free. Scars that were caused by storms of my own healed. And, finally my heart opened and my soul recovered. In you I finally found a friend.

I was lost and found, and you held the lost key to my dark, wretched soul. Somehow that was everything.


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