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‘AO2: How effective are the actors (Georgie Hanley and James McAvoy) in conveying their ideas and experiences. Support your answers with close reference to the passage including brief quotation’ by Sakina Sardar


As this is an interview, I look forward to getting to know the actors better. I would like to learn about the differences between their character roles in the story and the personality traits of the actors themselves. I expect to be better informed about the characters’ personal lives and their experiences on set.

The title is very direct and gives the reader a clear image of what they are going to be reading. An interview between two actors Georgie Hanley and James MvAvoy.

As it an interview, the authors themselves are the actors, Georgie and James. These are the actual dialogues said by them written onto paper. An example would be: “James: No, he’s too scruffy for that, my friend.
Georgie: Scruffy!”

The genre is interview. The actors themselves are speaking the actual dialogues, as it is an interview. For example, “Georgie: And you became more faun-ey. More goat-like.
James: My beard got longer.” This gives us a direct, clear idea of the actor’s words, their thoughts and feelings word to word. This gives us clear information about the actor’s feelings, and lives.

The theme of the ‘Interview’ is friendship. It shows the strong, warm bond between Georgie and James. For example, when James was admiring how Georgie grew up so fast and how delightful it was for him. He said, “ James: I’m starting to. That was my favorite thing, watching you grow.”

The content of the passage ‘Interview’ is the basic idea of Georgie Hanly and James McAvoy sharing their experiences on set of the production of the movie and the stages of their friendship. This gives the reader very friendly, warm, and soft vibes. For example, when James is talking about how hyper Georgie and him were on set, “James: You were a bit hyper on set. But I didn’t help. I was jumping around like I was seven.”

The purpose of this extract is to inform the reader about the actors, as well as show the differences between the actors and their characters’ personality traits. The reader has a small idea of the actors’ personal lives, struggles, pros, and cons. For example, when Georgie states the struggle of not being close to her loved ones. “Georgie: Being away from my friends and family.”

The audience of this passage is adults and young adults. This extract also targets towards people who are interested in media entertainment. This informs people who are interested in media, adults or young  adults about the actors and their character roles.

The style of this passage is dialogue, this shows the exact style of the way the actors speak and the reader has a clear idea of the way the actors speak. For example, “James: No he’s too scruffy for that, friend.
Georgie: Scruffy!” This makes the reader feel welcomed, and as though he/she is reading about actual people with emotions and feeling in their words rather than robotic sentences and structure.

The tone of the passage is friendly and humorous. For example, “James: You guys got more experienced, more chilled out. And you got so much more comfortable by the end.” This shows how cheery and friendly the actors are with each other.

The attitude of the passage is cheerful, joyous and humorous. The passage makes reader feel comfortable and lets the reader relate to the actors. For example, “Georgie: We got more mature.”
James: That was my favorite thing, watching you grow on set. You grew inches.”

This extract has a variable amount of paragraphs, both small and large depending on the part of the dialogue. The passage has the actual quoted words and phrases from the actors. There are many punctuation marks as the passage has exact extracts of the actor’s sentences and phrases.

A wide amount of Figures of Speech has been used in this extract. This brings attention to specific words and phrases, adds flavor to the passage, exaggerates ideas and interests the reader further. An example of repetition, “They just…and again, and again, and again, and again.” An example of a metaphor is “A bit of spitfire on set.” And the last example, of a similie is “I was jumping like a seven year old.”

And to conclude, I think the interview helped readers understand the actors as much as their characters. Readers are also better informed about the actors’ lives, the characters’ and the making of the movie. I think it is entertaining to compare the actors’ personality traits with their actual characters’ personality traits. The interview shows the terrific bond between two friends as well as coworkers, and their journey behind the camera.


‘AO2: Georgie Henley and James Mc Avoy’ by Zahra Sajid


As it is an interview I am going to learn more about the characters and I am going to know about their personality and hobbies.The title tells me who the interview is about ‘Georgie Henley and James Mc Avoy’.These are the exact words of the characters because this is an interview for example: Georgie : “They connect” from this example I am able to zoom into the actual feelings of the author.Whatever the actors have said in the interview is real they are not fake,for example: Georgie:”They connect” James:”Yes,they connect in a really fundamental way,because they are very similar people”.

The theme of the interview is Friendship.”They are almost like long-lost friends and there is no point in having long-lost friends if you do not go into tea with them”.These lines are said by Georgie and these lines explain the friendship between them basically it is emotional appeal.The content of the interview tells us how James Mc Avoy and Georgie Henley become friends,how do they relate to each other and their experiences on set for example: “I was a bit of a spitfire on set,I was really hyper on set,wasn’t I”? “You were a bit hyper on set.But I did not help,I was jumping around like I was seven”.This example creates a picture in your mind tells you what they were doing on the set.The purpose was to inform the reader about the real life of Georgie Henley and James Mc Avoy.”And,I’m writing a story at the moment called the Diary of a Bully”.This very well informs us about the real lives of the actors.

The interview is directed to young adults and people invested in media and entertainment news for example: “You all grew inches during this film”.You can relate to the actors more.The style of this interview is written in the form of a dialogue for example:”And you become more fauney. More goat-like,”My beard got longer”.This makes you want to read on.The tone is interesting,hyper and joyful for instance:”You became more faun-ey”.This adds flavor to the content.The attitude is very well informed for example:”You all grew inches during this film”.This wants you to know more about the actors.A variety of punctuation is used in these dialogues for instance: “Well,you know,it is the fauns way,isn’t it?” It adds stress and you get to know what the actor is trying to say.The sentence structure of this interview is written in dialogues for example:”I want to set them up to publish when I’m older,when I’m a teenager”.These are the exact words of the actors.The paragraphs vary from long long to short paragraphs.These are also exact words of actors.

There are different figures of speech in this interview foe example:”Fast friends”this is a alliteration,”I was jumping around like I was seven”this is a simile and “The snow stag” this is also an alliteration.To conclude,while reading the interview I got to know the characters personally  and would like to watch the movie or to read further to know more about them.

‘The Lost Key’ by Shehryar Mir


The sun was shinning, high in the bright daylight, reflecting through her deep-blue eyes, just like the alluring seas of the world. We walked in circles, chasing pavements, in sync with each other’s thoughts while talking. The beautiful red and white roses were in full bloom that spring afternoon, encircling the area in uniform clusters. I felt lost in our conversation, which had now gotten deeper than I expected, but I loved it. Every minute felt like a split second, but hours later, we walked separate ways. I never knew that she could walk away, but come back running to the deepest corners of my heart.

We met again, but this time near the water. Her blonde locks waved through the beautiful breeze. The air was fresh that summer evening. The sun was setting, and enthralling pink and crimson hues painted the sky, leaving behind faint yellow lines, as I placed my arms around her. Her eyes dotted mine, and stopped there; as we conversed she sighed and said with an unusual expression, “You’re my best friend.”

It took some time, but I realized.

I kept rolling a dice in my mind, and later was plucking flower petals in my dreams. Days went by, and I felt free. I finally felt as if I was recovering.

We, then, one day walked through the woods, and found our way to the clear. We sat, watching the stars as the moonlight lit up the darkness. The colors of the sky changed like the capricious weather that midnight. I can still recall the autumn leaves on the ground. Her sweet disposition shined throughout the night. No three words were equal to the looks we passed.  And that was the moment I knew.

A long time ago, I had built sand castles that washed away, and I lived in a train wreck that lasted millions of years. And, for the months after, all I thought love did was break, end and burn. My heart had now locked itself and the key was nowhere to be found, until you came around. You made me leave my demons and my broken pieces behind, and I was finally free. Scars that were caused by storms of my own healed. And, finally my heart opened and my soul recovered. In you I finally found a friend.

I was lost and found, and you held the lost key to my dark, wretched soul. Somehow that was everything.