‘AO3: Meeting Mr Tumnus and Interview’ by EMAAN HASEEB

Thesis for passage one is that I like this passage because it is very interesting. The passage really attracts the readers’ attention and makes them want to read further whereas in passage two where the interview is being held I am going to learn more about the actual character of Georgie Henley and James McAvoy.
The main title tells me what the passage is about for instance, ‘Meeting Mr.Tumnus’. The intended effect is that the title tells me that Lucy and Tumnus are going to meet for the first time on the other hand in passage two the interview is being held and tells about who is being interviewed. For example: Georgie Henley and James McAvoy.
In passage one the author is a classical writer. As for in the intended effect I think that the extract is going to be very interesting. Similarly in passage two as this is an interview all the sayings are in the form of quotes. For example: “Georgie: They connect”. The intended effect says that the interview actually zooms in the feelings and emotions of the characters.
Genre for passage one is fictional novel as there are mythological creatures from literature Rome and ancient Greece like a ‘faun’. As for what I think is by reading this fictional novel it is going to make me feel things. Contrastingly, in passage two an interview is being held. For example: “James: Yes, they connect in a really fundamental way, because they are very similar people”. It makes me feel real and I am more interested to read what happens next.
Both the passages one and two are based on friendship which is the theme for instance in passage one Lucy says,”I don’t think you’re a bad Faun at all. I think you are a very good Faun. You are the nicest Faun I’ve ever met”. Whereas in the other passage for example:”James: I’m starting to. That was my favourite thing watching you grow”. By seeing their friendship it reminds me of how I connect with my friends.
In passage one the content states that Lucy and Tumnus are trying to become friends. For example: Tumnus asks Lucy the same question three times,”You are what they call a girl”,and “You are in fact Human?”. Similarly, in passage two it tells us how James McAvoy and Georgie Henley relate to each and how was their experience like on the set. For example: “Georgie: We got more mature, really.I was a bit of spit fire on set”.
This story is conative which means entertainment. By reading this story it creates mistry for the reader. Contrastingly, in passage two the purpose is to inform the readers about the real Georgie Henley and James McAvoy. To prove this I would like to quote: “Georgie: Being away from my friends and family”.
One of the passage is narrative. For example, I would like to quote a narrative sentence here:” This is the land of Narnia”, said Faun”. The intended effect adds colour to the story to make it look more attractive and beautiful. Whereas, the style of passage two is dialogue.”James: My beard got faun-ey more goat like”. The intended effect is that the audience are excited.
At last the conclusion is that it makes me want to watch the movie,read further and visit Narnia. For passage two, while reading the interview I got to know the characters personally as well as their real life.

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