‘A lie had major consequences’ by Shameer Abdullah


My family and I managed to buy a small house in Zimbabwe. Ethiopia was in huge crisis. The whites had taken over us ,and the richer ones joined with the whites. My father worked in a tyre factory and made enough money for the house rent. Thus it was up to me and my brother to find food for the family.

The people of Ethiopia craved ‘Lala-Hadzubi’. They would even give their lives for him. They worshipped him. There was a very famous rumour that deep down in the Jasop forest is a temple guarded with mosquitoes but not just any mosquitors , in fact they were poisonous mosquitoes. If you managed to somehow find the temple and even one mosquito , the elderly of the city would die and in this case it was Lala-Hadzubi. They also said that if you entered the temple the elderly would die. My brother and I were sent to find food for the family. I could feel my heart beating in my throat.

“Do I have to go?” I exclaimed.

“Yes!”, my brother said angrily.

The buzzing of flies and the rustling of leaves welcomed us into the forest. My brother and I started to quest. After a food walk for about five minutes something ran right across us. It was fast as a cheetah. We ran after it but we lost it. I didn’t see it properly but it looked like a wild tapir to me.

It was now or never. It was getting dark and we had find food. I sighted the tapir. I took an aim and took a shot. My brother was not surprised after we missed another possible dinner.

“Go get the bow!”, said my brother in anger.

I started searching for the bow. We had a bow with five arrows each. It was ample as we could use it again. After a good three minutes, I managed to find the bow. But when I returned I failed to find brother, Brody.

“Brody! Where are you?”, I screamed.

No reply. I started looking for him. After a while, I saw something…. It was my brothers dead body but to find the hidden temple of Jasop forest. It was all true it was guarded by mosquitoes.

“Let’s go back,” I said.

But my brother would not listen. As we slithered towards the temple we were attacked. I swing my bow and we made a run for it. When we reached our village the locals were running around saying,” Hadzubi is dead, Hadzubi is dead.”

My brother went down on his knees and put his arms around me. I was scared to death.

He said, “Did you kill a mosquito?”

“No!” , I said in confusion.

The locals were running here and there. The village was in crisis. As we headed towards the house…. We were covered with a black cloth on our head. We were held and being taken to the hanging place. I could hear the crowd saying,” Kill them! Boil them in hot oil! Feed them to the lions! Chop their faces off! ” They removed our cloth and bright light struck in our faces. My brother looked at me and said you should have told me the truth.I did unintentionally kill a mosquito. This was it. We were about to be hanged.

But just then… I heard a really loud noise of a gun because of the bright light I could not see anything. We pulled of the stage and I was riding a horse with my brother. I ran the horse as fast as I could. Even though I never rode a horse before. We stopped at a place far far away from the village. We were in a shock. It felt as if god gave us another chance. I looked at my brother’s innocent face a and wondered how I was still alive?


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