AO2: First Time I met George: Q1: How does the writer describe the thoughts and feelings of the narrator? You should support your answer with close reference to the passage, including brief quotations. By Afnan Kadir


Ans: This short story is part of a novel “Meeting in Milk Market” by John Wickham. The title tells us that the story is about some people or children meeting together.  It is a narrative. The tone of the text is informal and the intended audience are children who are interested in reading short stories. The story is about two friends and how they met the first time. At first George, one of the friends was directly put into second standard which angered his future friend, the narrator. However, the next day, he was put into the same standard and was seated with his future friend and after that they became friends.

The theme is first impressions which means what impressions you have when you meet someone for the first time in your life. An example is “….made me angry…” . The impressions always vary and depend on the people meeting each other.

The writer also uses various techniques to describe the thoughts and feelings of the narrator. First of all, the title of the passage is very descriptive “The First Time I Met George” and tells us a great deal of what is written in the passage. Then, the writer uses statistics such as “Thirty-Five years ago” which makes the text more authentive, authoritative and makes the reader understand more.

Then the writer has also made use of lots of punctuation such as commas which makes the text very interesting. For example “….,I must,….”.

The writer also use hyperbole such as: “monstrous piece of favouritism” which makes the text very interesting and attractive.

Various types of sentences are also used which again makes the text very interesting and makes a huge impact on the reader. An example is: “This seemed a monstrous piece of favouritism.”

Lastly, parenthesis is used such as “…I must…” which makes the reader want to read more.

Concluding, I would say that the writer has achieved his purpose by using several techniques.



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