Comparison Question: Moving to another country by Mustafa Rabbani


Both test one and text two seemed to express the feeling of moving to a different country very well if you ask me. They were both shown through the eyes of a child, which I felt was a different perspective.

Despite the quality of both texts I still feel as if text two conveyed the feeling of moving to a different country in a better manner. I especially like how in text two Kim explains the childs experience of the plane descending into the Mirabel airport and how he is amazing by the amount of snow, I was also fond of how the author described the sound and environment of the airport. For example: “When I saw my first snow banks through the porthole of the plane at Marbel Airport,” “In the aiport, I was surprised by all the unfamiliar sounds that greeted us and the strange food, yet I knew this was a plane of delights.” By reading these examples you can tell that Ru is amazed by the difference between Vietnam and Canada and that also in all perspectives.

The second reason why I chose this text was that the author explains what it was like for the child at school and how he was happily surrounded by colours, drawings etc. I also liked how the author described the language barrier and how Ru felt alienated when it came to speaking. For example: “the haven where we would be children again, simply children, surrounded by the colours, drawings, trivia,” and “My mother wanted me to learn French as fast as possible, English too, because my mother tongue had become useless.” These examples show how school was different from Vietnam and how language is a big part in moving to another country.

The reason why I did not choose text one was because although Alem was a refugee he did more sightseeing and moving around than a refugee would. For example, “In central London they boarded a sightseeing bus.” I felt as if Alem was a tourist and not a refugee. This text also did not explain how we went from day to day life.



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