Comparison Question: Moving to another country by Esha Anjum Khan


Text one and two focus on the difficulties faced by people who move to different countries as refugees, in their childhood. As they are children, there are many questions in their mind regarding the environment of the different countries.


I like Text One ,” Refugee Boy” which is written by “Benjamin Zephaniah”. I like Text one better as it gives the description of everything which will or would seem unusual to a new boy. For example, ” It was so straight and wide; the ride was so smooth, no potholes, no wild bends, just the sound of the engine.” It tells the feelings of a child who is new in the environment, “Alem thought it was a;; very bizarre.” The writer uses different types of adjectives to grasp the attention of the audience, “chilly October day, black taxi’s interior, damp strange smell etc.”. Text One can be associated with any kind of audience such as an article or even a book. The range of audience is very wide. It even provides information for its audience for example,” Marble Arch, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, The houses of Parliament and the Tower of London.”. The writer uses simple language for the people to understand.


Whereas Text Two does not have a detailed description of the refugee crises, although it emphasises on the feelings of the child it does not give a clear idea of the surroundings. It does not emphasise on the relief he got by changing his life. It even has a very vague ending, ” For a whole year, Granby represented heaven on Earth, I couldn’t imagine a better place in the world.”.Whereas it had to tell about its experience and how did he settle in anew world. The passage does not include a lot of adjectives and attention-grabbing words as well.


Therefore, I like Text One better then Text Two as it fills in every aspect of an article.Both poetry the same objective yet Text One has a better content.



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