Which text is more successful at present the dying art of handwriting? You may chose either Text One or Text Two, but you must explain your choice carefully. Give two reasons why you chose this text and one reason for not choosing the other text. You may wish to comment on the writers’ language and techniques. You should support you points with evidence from the text. Answer by Faryal Shuja


I believe Text One “The Dying Art of Handwriting” by Margaret Rock is more successful. I believe this for many reasons, the first being the structure of the text. It is well structured, with a captivating title, and an introduction that interests the reader from the very beginning. The author also ends with final sentence being one of hope. Examples of the well done structures are show throughout the passage. The first being its title , “The Dying Art of Handwriting”  as it is “dying” and not decaying, or deteriorating. This immediately catches the reader’s attention and makes them interested in the subject of the passage. The introduction keeps the reader interested as it uses comparisons , an example of this is: “Twenty years ago” and is followed by “But today,”. This almost forces the reader to see the contrast and makes them realize just how much the times are changing, which is a theme of the passage. Finally, in the final sentence the author shines a positive light on the future. This is shown when “we’ll develop new ones”, in reference to pathways within our brain. This allows the reader to reflect on what the passage was about, but also frees them to go further, and think about the future.

The second reason I feel Text One is superior is the engaging use  of logos throughout the passage. The author not only gives the reader valid information that backs up the point of the passage, it is done in a way that is easily understood. An example of this is: “In short there is a direct link-“, this allows the author to explain complicated subjects simply, and in a way that is easy to grasp, thus engaging a larger variety of readers. The reader also does not lose interest, or become overwhelmed by too much information. All this makes Text One a  superior and more successful passage.

I did not choose Text Two, “The Writing is on the Wall- for the Moment” for a number of reasons, the main one beings its overall tone. I feel that the writer’s tone felt too negative, and slightly condescending. This is due to the author’s poor language choice , and even the use of rhetorical questions being used poorly. An example of poor language choice is “depressing” and “unhappy”, this makes the author seem to negative, therefore making the author unlikeable to the reader. The author also writes: “black vision of this whole generation”, this comes off as extremely condescending. Especially considering a large section of the readers will be part of the generation being referred to. I think these were attempts to engage and captivate the reader, but instead did the opposite, and created a theme of negativity, one that will repel readers. This all makes Text Two inferior to Text One, as well as less successful.


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