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‘Why and how do people change in life?’ by Umair Shah


The human nature has been made in such a way that the people change with time changing their habits, and this is due to the physical and mental change. As the person grows, his body changes in size and height, he becomes mature. Just as the person becomes mature his way of talking, thinking becomes different. And the reason for this is in biological books and explanations. Other than that, money changes a person’s life in so many ways such as the person becomes greedy for more money or he becomes charitable and spread part of his wealth among the poor and needy. Most importantly, marriage has a great effect. The person being married becomes more responsible and much wiser. He then understands the need to stand on his own feet. All the above aspects bring a great change in our hearts and lives describing the motions of human nature.


‘Keeping Fit’ by Umair Shah


In order to avoid a short life and a quick death a person needs to keep fit in all possible aspects such as physical fitness, mental fitness and spiritual fitness. In order to improve the physical fitness, the person needs regular exercise and a balanced diet, and this will not only help to maintain fitness but also has a psychological and mental effect. To relax the mind and soul, the person can either read or write or watch the television, etc; furthermore, a holiday from regular work can also be effective. Then, regular practice of prayers and a human’s touch or presence can keep you fit spiritually, for example, cracking a joke among friends can lead to laughter which suggested by the doctors is good for health. Thus, to be safe from regular old age checkups and to live a longer life, the person needs to stay fit.

Journalistic Talk by Umair Shah


“My name is George Alagiah and I am a journalist for the BBC news channel. And I would like to share my experiences when I was in Africa covering the civil war in Somalia for the BBC. My experiences were ghastly and I have been asked to come here and share my moments spent in Africa.

I saw many weak, hungry and scared faces that can never be erased from my memories. There was Amina who had gone to look for food for her two daughters, who were near the point of death due to hunger. When she returned, one daughter had died, and the look on her was heart-touching.

The place had the smell of decaying flesh. As I neared the door of the hut of an old lady, the smell was more than ever. The woman was weak since she was shot in the leg. Her painful face with sick, yellow eyes was never to be forgotten.

My reaction to everyone else I met on the scene was a mixture of pity and revulsion as the human life was sucked by hunger and illness.

The most important face was of the person with a betrayed and uncanny smile. The face is what I cannot describe properly for I saw it only for a brief moment. That smile posed a question whether he was embarrassed to be seen in this way affected by thirst, hunger and disease. The moment that I regret the most is that I did not even ask his name.

It specifically, was this face that led me to write this story. Thank you for listening; I hope my talk had a positive impact in your hearts, and I hope you felt what I felt. Good bye!”