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“I turned to my parents, but they pretended not to hear….” By Umair Shah


I turned to my parents, but they pretended not to hear. Why were they treating me like this? Parents never do that, in fact they take your side and support you in every aspect of life. I had not done anything deleterious or harmful and surely it was not my fault? But why was I being punished?

A week ago, it was the day of our examination, and I woke up late. I was quite furious with my parents as why they had not tried to wake me up. I left running, taking my car keys, totally feeling unhygienic as I had not even washed my face, and famished as I did not even have a single bite of my breakfast.

I drove the car with speed I cannot tell as due to the temper I was totally out of my senses. As I neared the university, a car appeared in front of me out of nowhere and there was nothing I could have done.

My car went flying and landed on its back and there was a sudden rush of fear and pain through my body. My heart was griped with apprehension and fear.

However, thinking of the other person before my life, I crawled out of the vehicle, my body all shaking. I walked to his car feeling dizzy and seeing everything blurred as if underwater. I checked whether he was alright, but as I feared, he had suffered a painful death. And this was the time I fainted.

I woke up in the hospital, with my mother sitting on the bench weeping and my father outside arguing with the police. My father entered the room, looking at me with a mean stare. I knew what was going through his heart, how disgusted he was feeling. He was treating me like I was not one of his own.

In the next few days, I had to go to the court, and I could not think of anything other than the face of that harmless soul.

My parents were given the choice to pay blood money or three years punishment in prison. But this was the moment where they neglected me and decided that I should rather suffer in the jail.

My heart was broken and I had learnt that day, “ It is the omnipotent God whose help we shall seek, not any human even if they are the closest.”