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‘The Fun of Gardening’ by Roha Khan


In this era of machines, we find ourselves working tirelessly, surrounded by walls of paper and all sorts of screens, be it laptops, mobile phones, or television screens. Our eyes work, unceasing, making out minute details and sending them to the brain to process; sometimes squinting, sometimes eyes wide.

When, at last, we feel tired, we are hungry for entertainment. So again back to the screens. For many of us entertainment is watching movies or shows, online or on TV, stalking people on Facebook, be it on cell phones or laptops. Even the healthier source of entertainment has found its way onto the screens, that is, eBooks. But what we fail to understand is that the real entertainment lies outside the walls—in the garden.

When you come to think of it, who would like to spend ten minutes taking the dirt out of the nails after spending half an hour sweating in the sun, when you can just hire a gardener. But yes, there are people for home the delight of the exercise ways heavily over its disadvantages.

As soon as you enter the garden, you feel at peace. It can be the soft, green colour of the grass relaxing your eyes, or the songs of the birds calming you down. You might have felt tired moments ago, but now you are fresh and peaceful. New energy courses through you and you are ready to experience the fun of gardening.

We all know that doing something in a pair or in a group makes even the most unbearable jobs enjoyable. Gardening as a family is a lot of fun. It also helps improve relationships, especially with your children. Gardening is a good way to spend time with your children, thus making a happier family.

Gardening is a good lesson in morals. You dig, plant the seeds and water the area. Then you wait. It can be a very slow process so it teaches you patience. When, at last, the plant grows, you take care of it, tend to it, and keep a check on it. This builds a sense of responsibility.

Feeling frustrated? Then why don’t you go out and do some aggressive weeding? It is a good way to work off you irritation. Or do you want to relax? Well then, tranquil watering is waiting for you: slow and calm.

Have people started calling you a couch-potato? Or do you yourself think you need some exercise? If it is so, then thirty minutes doing some digging, planting, watering, weeding, pruning and mulching are enough for you. Along with the exercise, enjoy the benefits of fresh air.

We are all always looking for ways to do some savings. I think a vegetable garden is the best way to put your plans into action. Your garden provides you with a place where you can grow healthier and cheaper food. So why not take advantage of the situation?

Gardening is helpful for the environment; it is what you can do as an individual. Also, a garden helps improve the exterior of your home. You can be creative, by pruning the bushes into exciting shapes. A beautiful garden makes a beautiful home.


‘Library- a place that keeps the soul running’ by Wishka Syed

Fellow readers! No one can understand the significance of a library except the dedicated readers; it is a safe haven for those who surround their world with books. However, what is the purport of the existence of libraries?

For starters, your souls feeds on books; this may sound like a cliche and out of our field of subject but, nevertheless is avowed; so where do souls wander for food? The answer for that is: libraries. Our starved souls yearn for the world of words, poetry, art and that world is found in libraries so how can one deny the conspicuous preponderancy of libraries.
For the people who are lacking the blessing of reading, libraries are a proficient resolution. One who visits libraries frequently develop the habit to read that may also be the repugnant, gray-haired woman behind those mammoth like glasses resting on her nose. The point is to advise, you can easily have excess to to books you desire to read and one round to a library might become a daily routine.
Since 1731, people’s lives have been promiscuous because of the creation of the first library ever. People no longer have to pay for books nor search for them and come to face the depression if they cannot find the book they sought after. A room full of books is another heaven for book lovers. Apart from all these advantages, libraries are a free resource to increase in the literacy rate. People can issue books as often as they want and it is guaranteed that all sorts of books will be available at a library. How propitious is a library for a university student. Not only can one look up books for thesis writing but also use the environment to their benefit.
It is pragmatic for one’s knowledge, as you can randomly walk in a library and be mesmerised by the stacking of the books, the attractive illustrations on the covers and the beautiful, yet witty titles. As you pick a book casually you realise just how much you have gained but that would not have happened if there was no library to begin with.
Libraries are also another source that one can escape to for fighting the traumatic beast called depression. One can soothe their self in the peace and equanimity of the surroundings of a library and lose themselves in the philosophy of books. Then how can one be ignorant to these reasons that will promote the importance of libraries.

‘Importance of Libraries’ by Umair Shah


Library according to the dictionary is a room or a building containing collections of books for the use by the public. They are portals to all of the world’s knowledge. Libraries are as important as water in our lives as reading books in the libraries not only increases our knowledge and reading skills but also social interaction skills.

Libraries have been around since the times of Athens, Greece was thousands of years ago. Nowadays, every institution has its own library which further increases the intellect. A library is a place that calms you and is relaxing to the mind and soul. Libraries, being the gateway to knowledge, provide a basic condition for lifelong learning. They are all about freedom: freedom to read, freedom of ideas and freedom of communication.

However, nowadays due to the internet, libraries have become obsolete. Now, we can get the books we want from the internet quite easily and as a result, the old fashion of walking down to the library, sitting on the same fixed spot everyday and reading while drinking coffee has vanished. The internet not only makes the person lazy but also affects his social interaction skills. Previously, going down to the libraries and asking the librarians for help taught us a great deal.

Old fashioned and experienced people are doing their best to restore this culture and stop it from ending for the better future of their children. If going to the library is made a habit it will help you to develop certain qualities such as being punctual. It also enhances your vision and improves your vocabulary. It is a way for children to reach out to the world. They are the frontline in the war of imagination.


Have you ever given a thought to something more exciting or peaceful, perhaps, than staring mindlessly at your gadget’s unhealthy, bright screen? I bet not. One of the world’s most tragic realities is that we, humans, have been consumed by the tools of our modernized lives. No doubt these electronics have  brought about a lot of change, revolution and awareness all around the globe, but does that mean we become slaves to it? I shall tell you something worth spending all of your precious time on, than spending it on these brainwashing objects.
Look at the green patch outside your window. Simply watering it can bring so much life and freshness do your environment and keep you busy in nature’s pleasurable activity—gardening. it was not that long before that a shovel, a patch of soil and a bag of seeds were the only tools needed to provide a diverting exercise, and indeed, a charity which you owe to nature for its many sacrifices made for you.
Gardening is so much more than just planting seeds. Why not experience it with utmost enthusiasm to dig deeper in its layers of everlasting beauty, learning and endless creativity? A fun hobby like this has many aspects; it is a tranquil retreat and a way of attaining ultimate inner peace. The beauty of flowers can lift spirits, while pulling carrots can be a great release for stress, and sustenance for your hungry rabbits. A harvest of brilliant flowers bursting with color or tasty vegetables provide a sense of achievement and feelings of success.
Yards that one grew gardens have been replaced with swimming pools and driveways. Today kids and teens have their eyes transfixed on their television screens and seem to be enjoying the new episode which has recently been playing. If only they understood the value of relationships and strengthened them by joyously cutting a bunch of fresh pastel tulips for their mom. No, your wife does not want the new iPhone 6S that has recently come out. Deep down inside, she is craving for a bouquet of lovely red roses. Gardening is a fun activity that can be shared with each other; A beautiful way of spending time with your loved ones by building life’s sweetest memories and experiencing the true essence that greenery has to offer.
Look up from your screen, now. Embrace the gift that nature has given us— and art to stay close to it, a way of preserving it, and an escape from the demands of every day life.