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‘Can happiness be found?’ by Raphael Khalid


As helpless as mankind has proven itself to being the past, it is undeniable that despite atrocities we face, it is the little things that manage to make us happy. Simple things like taking your shoes off after a long, hard day; Finding a bit of cash in our old trouser pockets. There can also be life changing moments however. Such as beating everyone else and receiving first place in a competition and being handed a glowing trophy in front of hundreds of applauding people. Regardless, happiness is a feeling that is hard to explain. It is as hard as explaining what the color red is to a blind man.

This is a story of Nathan. Nathan was a seventeen year old, fair and blonde boy. He had a short bulky build. He lived, much like a troll, under a bridge. He had no memory of his parents or of his life before two years for that matter. He had woken in a dank alcove near a barrel spilling with fire. Nathan called that home. His friends were the rats and roaches. Every night he pillaged garbage cans. Sometimes he found a juicy leftover. These were the things that made Nathans nights happier. The most pleasant welcome to his long night of hunting that day was his radiant, flaming fire. ‘Evening darling…’ said Nathan in monotone to the boring barrel. The barrel crackled in a rhythmic tone and it spilled a piece of fire from its fiery hair.

‘I’m good too’ said Nathan to the barrel with a smile. The chilling night could not penetrate Nathans warm alcove. Nathan edged closer towards the fire. He was feeling lonely that night, more so than usual.

“Take me away; take me from this miserable excuse of a life…” Nathan whispered to the rusty, hot barrel as he moved ever closer, closer than he had ever been. His eyes stared wildly into the depths of the raging fire. An intense sweat covered his face. His vision was getting cloudy with all the perspiration. The barrel was pulling him deeper into sleep, and he wanted to pass away into its warm clutches and never let go. Nathan started groaning as his mind ceased to function. He had forgotten all as he slipped away into a white, snowy land.

“How long had it been?” Nathan thought to himself as he awoke, sunken into soft snow. There was just snow around him, and a barrel. This one was quiet, and cleaner, but still the same one. The snow clawed beneath his skin and rampaged through his bones. He tried to scream for help, but his voice failed him.

“Do you feel happy? You called me to help you again… I was there when you were cold, scared and alone. I’m here again. Why end yourself, just because you can’t find happiness anywhere? Is that the excuse you give for ending your reign? I will give you another chance; now let me thaw your frail body, let’s go back. I’ll warm you in the world you left once again.”

Nathan woke, drenched in a sweat and covered in sand near the barrel, everlasting with its blazing fire. ‘You can’t find happiness!’ That line replayed itself and tormented Nathan. He glared at the barrel and felt a hot thrill rising in his body. “I’ve lived under you for too long. I don’t need you. I can make my happiness.” Said Nathan as he got up and kicked the barrel down the river and ran out to create his own happiness.


‘Natural Disaster’ by Raphael Khalid


Oh, diamond dust, won’t you save me?

A group of friends, comrades, nearing the summit… Nearly a hundred feet below it, we spotted the white, glistening crown of the world. We would be the youngest gang of climbers to have tamed the dormant Everest. The air up there was as thin as a poor man’s slice of bread. The bags with our oxygen tanks were starting to bluntly tear through our shoulders. My friends and I were wearing triple-layered ski-masks and fluorescent green jackets. Even then the cruel winds managed to penetrate through our armors and stabbed at our faces. The further we ascended, the more the lakes of our ambitious eyes overflowed. Naïve and dumb, that’s what we were. We had no idea what was in store for us.

The moment of joy… The thrill, bursting and rushing through our veins like a shot of adrenalin; at the top of this world at last, above all. We roared wildly with laughter, letting the ruthless winds, punishing snows and helpless falling rocks that it was us that bested them. We took off our masks as we stood next to the cliff, one slip and it would be a fall to remember, or not… embracing the ever rushing gusts of life, I looked at the misty world below. I saw a sea of blank white darkness, and above I saw the night. Night like it was never before. the pitch black emptiness of the worlds canvass was dotted and stroked with billions of flowers, flames and singing angels, all blushing as I smiled at them. I took in a thing breath of air. It was the best high a man could ask for.

Icarus, borne on technology, I felt like him. Through his pneumatic articulating wax and steel wings, he soared up into the vast yellow sky, yet through his hubris and the sun’s hot wrath; he tumbled down through his glass pride, and shattered it along with his body. Had I soared too high? Would I, like Icarus, fly too high and pay the price? My pride seared through my doubts as I edged ever closer to the brim of existence.

An explosive silence took the wheel of my mind as the steady blizzard barrage my body. My mind was different; it felt as if it had decided to stay home while my body went for a walk in the dark openness. My eyes were relieved of their burdens every time I blinked. This was something that I may have been the only one to have experienced. The feeling was indescribable, inexplicable. My shallow brown eyes bored a deep hole through this intoxicated realm and paved a way for me to snap back to reality.

“Oh, there goes gravity.” I thought, as a deafening shrill silence started to blur. My friends were pulling me back, screaming like madman. They decided to run, while I still in shock was trying to figure out what was happening. Then I saw it. Shining tiny missiles sprinted towards me. They were as calm as the surface of the ocean on a windless night. They came from all directions. I decided to surrender to their glorious radiance. The dust storm captured and charged itself with the moons divine light. The particles were revolving and noiselessly making their path towards the summit,

That was it. A storm of dust… We expect earthquakes that level kingdoms or tsunamis that engulf countries or eruptions and fissures that swallow planets to be the ones to best us. We don’t expect the soft sand on the beach that provides us warmth and comfort to be the one to be aggravated by thoughtless winds to be the ones to take us.

“Oh! Diamond dust, come closer and see you must.

Sweep me off this rock with tearing rage and shock.”

They say that time stops for no one. Maybe it does, but no one gets to live and tell the tale. It did for me, however. As the unstoppable force stopped, I could appreciate every single floating star. I looked at each and saw tiny markings and war paints, each unique and different from the other. The moons light jumping off of them started to blind me, just as time lost interest in me and let Nature’s soldiers tear through every particle and atom of body instantly, leaving behind a red rosy mist. The mist stayed suspended in the air for a while. Oh, the stories it had to tell. But nature stops for none.

“I went for the purpose of exploring but…” by Rafia Sajjad


I went there for the purpose of exploring but it turned out that all the employees in the IT Department recognized my rather peculiar-looking face. I am a person who is interested in the technical subject and has a passion to have a career related to it.

One of my relatives got a hold of me, once he became aware of my niche, and dragged me straight to this pale yellow, lonesome looking building in the middle of nowhere. As we arrived, he told me that it was an “exploration”.

I gradually entered the place that had chipped-off walls, scratched marks on the doors and piles of paper scattered about on the counter. I rung the bell that was placed under the mountain of sheets, indicating someone had arrived.

In a minute or two, the hall was surrounded people, half walking-half jogging. They seemed to not only notice but also recognize me, greeting me, explaining to me what had occurred in the past few hours “while I was gone”. I was bewildered, my expressions blank. People, all around, were talking over one another, chaos filling up the room, as if I was in a fish market.

After about ten minutes of deafening noises, the workers handed me a some files, a pen and a notepad, offering me coffee, then walking away  like that nothing had happened in the last few minutes that seemed like an infinite amount of hours in my mind. It felt like I was a celebrity being interviewed on the red carpet.

Multifarious times, I heard myself being referred to as Ms. Colins which clogged me with befuddlement. Later on, I was led to an office that had a portrait of a woman resembling me; the same hairstyle, the same face cut, the same droopy eyes, the same smile spread across her face.

I finally got what was going on… They thought I was the boss of their company. I sat there, slammed the papers and the files on the desk before me then face palmed myself really hard.