‘Why Boys Are Stupid’ by Manal Makhdum


Stupidity is an inborn manufacturing fault boys suffer from. To further worsen this annoying trait, they do not realize the idiocy they display from bizarre handshakes involving chests banging and palms layered in spit, binding a so-called brotherhood pact to exhibiting compassion by aggressively barking insults, drawing in their mothers or sisters in the process, I fail to comprehend  the difference between boys and dogs. Neither can they cease their inappropriate jokes, nor display sensitivity. Bottling up emotions and expecting people to actually consider them as humans and not impassive robots is a very high favor to ask. If there was a term for the male gender, it would be ‘Egoistic Beasts’. Their desperation seems apparent, for example when a friend of an opposite gender walks by, they would rather have a cool facade on than make conversation while the craving makes itself obvious. Or just as an error on their part is evident to them, their egoistical hormones spring up and they deny their fault. Allow me to use facts to support my claims. Research has uncovered women mature before men. Girls are created to spread sanity and balance; I believe we are a cure for insolent, ignorant pests called boys.


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